I Corinthians 10:14-22

Fellowship in the Blood and Body of Christ


A pastor was a guest at one of his member’s homes for dinner. He noticed how well behaved the little girl was at the table. However children will be children, she began making some strange noises with her mouth and her father immediately began to admonish her. She remained quiet for a short time and started in on making the same strange noises that didn’t make any sense. The little girl raised her hand as if to say, I must speak now, “don’t speak Daddy.” At that moment the displeasure of her father was expressed and the child’s fellowship was broken and it became an awkward time at the dinner table.

The Christian, at times in fellowship with God the Father and His Son says “Don’t speak Father, let me speak.” This very response deserves admonishment; this is the kind of attitude that breaks fellowship.

(I John 1:7)

  1. The Christian Life is Incompatible with Idolatry – v. 14-15

  1. Strong imperative – “flee from idolatry” – 6:18

  1. Christians must not use their liberty to sin – 8:8,9

  2. The second commandment – Exodus 20:4-6

  1. A wholesome environment – I John 5:21

  1. Paul’s tactfulness – you are sensible Christians - v.15, (I Cor. 1:20-ff.)

  2. Paul’s confidence in them – “Judge for yourselves”

  1. The Christian Fellowship enjoyed with the Lord’s Supper – v.16-22

  1. Cup of Blessing – v.16

  1. Eulogy – commendation

  2. Passover feast to the Lord’s Supper – (Calvin, Chrsysostom) II Cor. 9:15

  1. Reversed Order – I Cor. 11:23-ff.

  1. Our fellowship is made graphic – (elements of bread and wine) v.16,17

  2. Illustrated History – Israel’s sacrifices on the altar – v.18-19

  3. Vigorous questions – v. 19

  1. Idols are shams of false worship – v.20; Turn To: Deuteronomy 32:16-27; Acts 17:24-25

  1. The cup of the Lord and the cup of demons cannot coexist – Matt. 6:24; 16:13

  2. The cry of demons – Luke 4:40-41

  1. Jealousy – v.22

  1. We must not provoke the Lord to jealousy – Prov. 6:34; 27:4;

Song of Sol. 8:6

  1. Provoking the Lord to jealousy is greater than anything man can conjure up – Zeph. 1:18; Eze. 23:25; 36:5,6


  1. Do no put yourselves in the hands of an angry God – v.22

  2. Therefore submit to God in obedience – I John 1:3

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