I Corinthians 8:1-6

False gods Versus the Living and True God


Jeremiah chapter 10, points out there is something in the sinful nature of man that desires a material god made out of wood, silver, and gold. This kind of god is useless because it is unstable, that must be held up by driven nails. This god made by man is stupid because it cannot think, walk, talk or do anything. It is a dumb idol. Jer. 10:10 “But the Lord is the true God; He is the living God and the everlasting King.”

Jesus asked his disciples, who do men say that I’am? They responded with various opinion polls, some say you are Jeremiah, or Elijah or one of the prophets, perhaps John the Baptist. But Peter gave the right answer prompted by the revelation of God. “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” (Matt. 16:16)

  1. Knowledge Concerning Idols

  1. Social issues

  1. Eating meals in the temple

  2. New converts and mature converts disputes.

  1. How does Paul handle the dispute?

  1. He starts with the obligation of love

  2. Christian love should have dominated their thinking

  3. This is not to discount knowledge – (1:5; Col. 1:9; Rom. 15:4; 11:25; I Cor. 10:1; 12:1; II Cor. 1:8; I Thess. 4:13)

  4. Knowledge without love “puffs up” 1 Cor. 4:6; 13:4

  5. Love builds up – v.1

  6. Knowledge about God is limited – John 17;3; Eph. 2:7

  1. Loves permanent effects – v.3

  1. Known by God – II Tim. 2:19; Gal. 4:9

  2. In order to get into heaven God must know us – Turn To: Matthew 7:21-27

  1. What about idols?

  1. It’s really nothing

  2. John Calvin’s comment:

  3. Idol worship amounts to demon worship – I Cor. 10:17-21

  4. Cornelius Van Til’s comment

  5. Paul’s states Israel’s theme – One only God – Deut. 6:4

  1. Knowledge Concerning Christ

  1. Stark contrast – The worship of Christ versus the objects of worship – Eph. 2:2; Luke 22:53

  2. Monotheistic

  1. God the Father in relation to His Son

  2. The Triune God, one God, three persons

  1. Where all existence comes from – Acts 17:28

  1. God acts in creation meaning all three persons of the Trinity are involved –v.6

John 1:3; Heb. 1:2; Col. 1:16-17 cf. Gen. 1:1

  1. God the Father creates through the agency of Christ – v.6

  2. The New Creation – an absolute necessity to enter the Kingdom of God – II Cor. 5:17

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