I Corinthians 6:12-20

The Sacredness of Our Bodies


The ancient Greeks viewed the body as a tomb, because it was shackled and inhibited the spirit or the soul. The soul was of major importance and the human body had little or no value. Since that was the case with the Greek philosophers you could do whatever you desired with the human body and satisfy its appetites. Such a philosophy influenced the Corinthian church to the point where evil practices such as fornication and prostitution was the norm for everyday life.

Paul writes to correct this gnostic thinking by way of rebuke. He writes to instruct them that God’s will is the opposite of their thinking. The human body is a sacred and glorious creation, a vehicle to worship and glorify God. (I Thess. 4:3)

  1. The Extent of Our Liberty –v.12-14

  1. Everything permissible with God’s moral Law – v,12; 10:23

  1. Things and the material world are not evil – II Tim. 4:1-5

  2. Inanimate objects cannot sin – (murders committed by certain instruments)

  3. Liberty is not hedged around by a multitude of restrictions – Gal. 5:1

  4. Paul is not a slave by anything or anyone – (Rom. 7:22; 1:1)

  1. Paul’s Illustration – (Food’s relationship to the stomach)

  2. Paul argues:

  1. God will do away with the present function of food and the stomach – Phil. 3:21;

I Cor. 15:44, 55; Matt. 22:30

  1. God’s design for the body was not to be used for fornication or immorality (proneia) v.13 b.

  2. The body is to be used for the Lord, the body cannot be dismissed as being unimportant – Rom. 12:1

  1. The Resurrected body – v.14; Turn To: I Thess. 4:13-18

  1. The Nature of Our Body – v. 15-20

  1. Members of Christ’s body – v.15

  1. Paul’s riveting logic of being disconnected to Christ and connected to a prostitute.

  2. Paul recoils over a promiscuous life style

  1. Paul appeals to Genesis 2:24

  1. God, the creator of marriage defines marriage – v.16

  2. Same sex marriage is a misnomer – Rom. 1:18; 27,28

  1. For Christians:

  1. There is a permanent bond in marriage – (Gk. Kollao, “glue”)

  2. There is spiritual bonding to Christ – v. 17

  1. Paul’s Exhortation – Flee! v.18; II Tim. 2:22

  1. The sacredness of the Christian’s body – v.19,20

  2. The greatest gift of all – Luke 11:13


  1. You are the possession of the Triune God. “purchased” Rev. 14:4

  2. This purchased possession is written in the aorist tense – ‘decisive action in the past’

  3. Our bodies are a means, not only to worship God, but also to glorify Him – v.20; I Cor. 10:31

Pastor Nick Iamaio

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