I Corinthians 1:26-31

Consider God’s Wisdom


Albert Barnes’s commentary on I Corinthians points out the decline and fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbon. Gibbon’s attempt to show the propagation of Christianity was one of embarrassment to Greek thinking philosophers. They were a large body of skeptics and rejected the Christian gospel. Barnes puts it, “The reception of the gospel demands an humble mind; (Mark 10:15)Men of good sense, of humble heart, of childlike temper, embrace it; and they see its beauty, and are won by its loveliness and controlled by its power. They give themselves to it; and find that it is fitted to save their souls.”

  1. Wisdom’s Paradox

  1. The kinds of people God calls v.26

  1. Divine initiative

  2. The criterion for our calling – “not many wise” according to human standards.

  3. Saving call – (klaysis) “a call to salvation” II Tim. 1:9; I Cor. 7:20; Eph. 1:8; 4:4; Phil. 3:14; II Thess. 1:11

  1. Purpose in Calling – v. 27

  1. To shame the wise and arrogant.

  2. To choose the “nothing” or “nobodies” (John the Baptizer Matt. 11:11)

  3. God’s choice of Malcolm Muggeride – I Cor. 4:10, (Francis Schaeffer)

  1. Wisdom’s Purpose

  1. No boasting allowed – v.29

  1. Foolish man keeps score of his “good deeds”

  1. His doing – v.30

  1. We are not the source of our salvation in any way – Rom. 9:11; II Cor. 5:17; Eph. 2:8

  2. God has put us in Christ indicating our attachment.

  3. God has put us in Christ in a corporate sense – Eph. 4:4; I Cor. 12:13 (“you” plural)

  1. True Wisdom

  1. Derives from God since we are in Christ – Col. 2:3

  2. Augustine stresses the wisdom of Christianity

  1. Additional List of Glorious Attributes:

  1. Righteousness – Rom. 1:17; II Cor. 5:21

  2. Sanctification – Phil. 2:12; I Thess. 4:7

  3. Redemption – ransom paid – (Les Miserable) I Pet. 1:18-19

Turn & Read: Mark 10:35-45

Finally – v.31

  1. Paul concludes with his theme how we are in stark contrast to the worldly wisdom.

  2. Paul stresses if we have anything to boast about let it be our boasting in the Lord –Jer. 9:23-24

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