Matthew 7:21-23

Creditable Profession of Faith


What is a creditable profession of faith? In the epistle of James he joins to parts together, faith and works. Faith is a gift of God and works is instilled in us by the Holy Spirit who gives us the evidence of true faith. James 2:14 James is essentially saying that a faith without works is a dead faith. This is in no way a contradiction to what Paul states in Romans – (Rom. 4:25; 5:1) In Romans 6, Paul joints justification with sanctification in that we died to sin – Rom. 6:2, we no longer live in the realm of sin. We are no longer slaves of sin. Rom, 6:22 “But now having been freed from sin and enslaved to God, you derive your fruit resulting in sanctification, and the outcome, eternal life.”

  1. Profession – v. 21a, 22-23

  1. Context – false prophets wearing sheep’s clothing

  1. Horticulture principles

  2. Good and bad fruit

  1. Self-Delusion

  1. Two important words: “says” versus “does”

  2. Our souls relationship to God

  1. False Evidences:

  1. Is to call Jesus, “Lord” “Lord” and leave it at that. I Cor. 12:3; Phil. 2:10,11; The man possessed with many demons – Luke 8:26-39

  2. Is to demonstrate you are fervent and full of zeal. (Lloyd-Jones)

  3. Is to think that my good works are sufficient. (prophecy, miracles and casting out demons)

  1. Balaam – (Num.22-24; II Pet. 2:15; Jude 1:11; Rev. 2:14)

  2. King Saul – (I Sam.10:6; 19:23-24)

  3. Judas – Matt. 10:8

  4. Jewish exorcists and Seven sons of Sceva – Acts 19:14; II Thess. 2:8,9; Matt. 24:24

  1. The Way of Life

  1. The Verdict – v.23

  1. A terrifying rebuke – “I never knew you” (Gk. Ginosko “know by experience”)

Turn To: John 15:12-17

  1. What is so terrifying about this verse?

Answer: It is a complete and final rejection with no hope of returning.

  1. What does our blessed Lord Jesus want from us?

  1. He wants our heart, our inner man, our submission – v.21b

  2. He is not interested in a mere profession or our zeal or works.

  1. Saul Blatant Disobedience – Turn To: I Samuel 15:10-23

  1. God’s emotional grief – “I regret”

  2. Saul preoccupied with his induction into the hall of fame for kings – v.12

  3. Saul liked making his own rules and his own pious excuses – v.15

  4. Saul’s self-justification, he maintained his innocence and denied the charges and blamed someone else for his disobedience – v.20,21

  5. Saul’s external forms of sacrifice without inward obedience was a mockery and an offense to God – v.22, 23 (Psa. 50:7-15 in contrast to Psalm 51;10-19)


If you are not a Christian you cannot possibly bring anything to God that he will accept. God only accepts His Son’s perfect sacrifice for our sin. Repent of your sin and turn to Jesus Christ who is the only way unto the favorable of presence of God. His forbearance and patience will not last forever. The clock is ticking and soon the door of mercy and grace will be shut for ever – Rom. 2:1-5; Heb. 3:12-19

Pastor Nick Iamaio

Reformed Presbyterian Church 207 South First Street, Fulton, NY 13069

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