II Thessalonians 2:9-12

Deluding Minds


America and her election results! The America we love has lost her way and has departed from her founding constitutional principles. Bit by bit a severe erosion of godliness has taken place. A collapse of Biblical Theology has brought about a collapse in our politics, economy and way of life. What can we do next as Christians? Is there any hope? Some have asked is there any hope for the church? (I Peter 4:17) The answer is we must continue to preach the gospel and the whole of Scripture, edifying the saints and anticipating the second coming of Christ.

  1. The Activity of Satan –v. 9-10

  1. Physical manifestation – parousia

  1. Anti (Gk.) meaning, “against” and “instead of” or “in the place of”

  2. The man of lawlessness puts on the mask of Christ – v.3,4

  1. Associated with Satan

  1. Counterfeit appearing – v.9a

  2. Counterfeit miracles – v. 9b

  1. Satan’s Destructive Power

  1. Satan interfered with the weather – Job 1:19,20

  2. Satan moved David to count his troops – I Chron. 21:1-ff.

  3. Satan lives in the realm of death – Heb. 2:14; (Gen, 3:1-ff; Ezek. 18:4; Rom.3:23)

  4. Satan wants to destroy Peter and turn him into powder – Luke 22:31

  5. Satan possessed Judas – John 13:27

  6. Satan may put a stop to good plans – I Thess. 2:18

  7. Satan may fill a man’s heart to lie – Acts 5:3

  8. Satan accuses us daily before God’s throne hoping to gain an advantage – Rev. 12:10; Zech, 3:1

  9. Satan may disguise himself as an angel of light – II Cor. 11:14

  10. Satan will be released from prison – Rev. 20:7,8 Turn To: Revelation 13:11-18

  1. Great Deception

  1. Perishing” apollumi I Cor. 1:18 note. The noun in v.3

  2. Those of us in Christ have nothing to fear

  1. The Activity of God –v.11,12

  1. God is not passive

  1. God sends a deluding influence – v.11

  2. Satan’s followers believe the lie – John 8:44

  3. God abandons some – Rom. 1:24-28

  4. Illustrated: (R.C. Sproul Jr.; Dinesh D’Souza; Mark Steyn) Rev.13:17

  1. Governor of the Universe

  1. God uses evil to accomplish His purposes

  2. Not an uncommon occurrence in Scripture: I Kings 22:23; Ezek, 14:9

  3. Indecent acts – Romans 1:24-26

  1. God’s Judicial Court – v.12


  1. Paul writes to the church not to discourage us but to assure us that the Lord God Omnipotent is over everything and that at Jesus appearing He will slay the Antichrist.

  2. The voice of the Lord Jesus is immensely powerful – Rev. 1:15; Isaiah 11:4; Psalm 29:1-11

  3. There presently exist many antichrists, ultimately to culminate into The Antichrist – I John 2:18

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