Matthew 6:19-24

Using Our Possessions for the Kingdom of God


All of our wealth and possessions come from God. He owns everything. What God gives us is on loan to us as a trust. There is nothing evil about riches in itself. In fact they are good things given to men by God’s gracious hand. But it is the love of these riches that can ruin our spirituality; if we allow these riches to control us. (I Tim. 6:10) Israel had been victorious at Jericho and had dedicated the spoils of the battle to God; but Achan sinned by keeping back some of the treasure of silver and gold hidden in his tent. His disobedience brought about Israel’s defeat at Ai; not to mention the severe judgment upon Achan and his family. (Joshua 7) Solomon allowed the love of riches and women to ruin his spiritual life. Demas had forsaken Paul’s gospel ministry for the love of the present world and its philosophy and wealth. Jesus warns us that our worldly wealth is not all that secure…Therefore invest in the real eternal security, store up treasures in heaven.

  1. Our Treasures on Earth

  1. Exhortation

  1. Negatively

  2. Treasures refer to more than money

  1. Material things:

  1. Concerned about our attitude towards these things

  2. Concerned with confining his ambitions and interests to this life only – Turn To: Matthew 13:44-46

  3. Concerned with being preoccupied with our possessions – Luke 18:18-30

  1. Personal property – Ananias and Sapphira – Acts 5:1-11

  1. Our Treasures in Heaven

  1. Misinterpretation

  2. Mr. worldly wise – Turn To: Luke 16:1-14

  1. This steward mismanaged his money.

  2. This steward is fired and he had not any other opinions.

  3. This steward acts cleverly by summoning the debtors and working out payment.

  4. This steward collected a great deal of debt and was praised by his master.

  1. Jesus’ response to the unjust steward:

  1. Admires the stewards cleverness

  1. Chief Principles – Luke 16:10-12

  1. Those who can be trusted with small matters can also be trusted with great important matters.

  2. Those who use their wealth for their own selfish ambition, it becomes “mammon”, a

“money god”

  1. Pilgrims – Heb. 11:9-10


Distorted Vision- v.22-24

  1. Jesus indicates to us what distorted vision is, compared the eye, being the window of the body.

  2. Do we see spiritual things clearly?

  3. How can we tell if our wealth has clouded our spiritual vision?

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