Matthew 5:27-30

Adultery in the Heart


Our Lord Jesus deals with all the issues of life in this profound sermon. Last time we looked at the moral Law regarding murder, and we pointed out that the act of murder takes place in the heart and essentially begins with anger. Now before us is the seventh commandment that speaks against committing the act of adultery of which the Pharisees rest assured that they were safe and secure. They were experts regarding the letter of the Law. But our Lord takes this commandment beyond the act and deals with the spirit of the Law which forbids lust in the heart. When it comes to prevention of committing this sin of adultery as far as the letter of the Law is concerned, the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching was to enforce the law of celibacy to the clergy. (Priests, Monks, Bishops, Nuns etc.)

Martyn Lloyd Jones comments, “Any teaching that makes us live an unnatural life is not New Testament holiness.” The apostle Paul would call this a doctrine of demons those who would “forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods, which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth.” (I Tim.4:3)

  1. The Doctrine of Sin

  1. The Ten Commandments – (eight negatives, and two positives)

  1. Seventh commandment reiterated in the Tenth

  2. Coveting is attitude that takes place in the heart – Matt. 15:19; Luke 16:15

  1. The Nature of Sin – Turn To: Eph. 2:1-3; Rom. 3:10-18; Salvation cannot be known without understanding the doctrine of sin (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

  2. The Necessity of:

  1. The Incarnation – Matt. 1:21

  2. The death of Christ – Matt. 51-56

  3. The fact that we must be born of water and spirit – John 3:5; Turn To:

Ezekiel 36:25-27

  1. Radical Diagnosis of Sin –v.29

  1. The power of sin’s depth – What is Adultery?

  2. The Subtlety of sin

  3. The effects of sin – Turn To: Romans 7:7-17

  1. The Mortification of Sin – v.29-30

  1. God’s Gift

  1. God made men and women to be attracted to one another – Gen. 2:18

  2. Adultery’s breach is disobedience, theft and coveting.

  1. Guard our hearts

  1. We are not forbidden to look but lusting looks. – Job. 31:1

  2. Women must be careful how they dress – I Tim. 2:9

  3. Beware of extremes – Esther 2:7

  1. Aspects of Mortification:

  1. Negative – Hyperbolical language (the right eye and hand)

  2. Positive:

  1. Deal with real cause

  2. Realize that lust is not the whole of your life

  3. Concentrate on the blessing of marriage – I Cor. 7:1-5

  4. If you are single and lack self-control it is better to marry than burn – I Cor. 7:9

Pastor Nick Iamaio

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