Matthew 5:14-16

Transmitters of Light


Last Lord’s Day we pointed out that if the church were removed for even a short period of time the world would collapse into an utter state of corruption because the Christian is the salt of the earth and therefore the true preserver of morality and truth. In a similar way Jesus uses the term “Light” to point out that without the Christian transmitting the Light of Christ the world would fall into utter state of darkness. The Disciples of Christ are engaged in no small task as they bring light to the world. (Eph. 5:8)

  1. A World of Darkness

  1. Negatively

  1. Originated with Satan’s fall – Eph. 2:2

  2. The enlightenment age (“the age of reason”)

  3. Spiritual darkness – John 3:19 (Sinclair Ferguson)

  1. Man looking in all the wrong places

  1. Man’s foolishness – Eccl. 10:1-3

  2. The foolishness of the world – Turn To: I Corinthians 1:18-25

  1. A Church Full of Light

  1. Positively

  1. The only hope is the illumination of the church

  2. The church is the transmitter of light

  1. The Light of the World – John 8:12

  1. Jesus’ the origin of Light

  2. Light came to us through the power of the gospel – II Cor. 4:4,6

  3. This light shines upon a crooked and perverse generation – Phil. 2:15

  1. Practical Standpoint

  1. Light exposes the darkness and the things that belong to darkness – Turn To: Ephesians 5:1-20

  2. Light explains the cause of darkness – Eph. 2:12; John 3:19,20

  3. Light provides the only way out of darkness – Eph. 2:17-19

  1. The city on the hill (mountain)

  1. Stands prominent – (C. H. Spurgeon)

  2. Allusion to Jerusalem

  1. The Bright lamp

  1. The lamp should not be covered – (secret discipleship)

  2. The lamp is lit – Gk verb. Pres. Ind. “a continuous activity”

  3. What does the light produce? Ans. Good works, not like the Pharisees

  4. Glorify our Father in heaven – (Matthew use of “Father” 44 times, 16 times in the Sermon on the Mount) We are destined for heaven – v.45; 6:1,9; 7:11,21; 10:32,33; 12:50; 16:17; 18:10,14,19)

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