Matthew 5:13

The Salt of Society


What is interesting about the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of heaven (terms used interchangeably) as it grows and matures, is that, it grows rather secretly. Just like salt that combats decay, though we cannot see it perform its task. A parallel teaching of our Lord as to how the Kingdom of heaven grows and permeates society is the parable of the Leaven. “The Kingdom of heaven is like a leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three pecks of meal, until it was leavened.” The yeast does its work secretly in the lump of dough. It represents the rule of Christ in the heart and soul of a believer.

So here in our context of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus compares us to “salt “which permeates all of society for its good. (Sinclair Ferguson)

  1. Society’s Putrefaction

  1. The Christian’s relationship to the world – John 17:15,17

  1. The error of monasticism

  2. Christians must mingle with the world

  1. Salt tells us something about the world’s condition

  1. Evolutionary philosophy

  2. Optimistic thinking about the world’s golden age.

  3. The rottenness of the world – I Cor. 15:22

  1. Two prominent examples of world putrefaction:

  1. The days of Noah – Gen. 6:1-8

  2. The day of Lot – Turn To: Luke 17:24-37 (Matt. 24:36-42)

  1. Society’s Preservation

  1. The Christian is different

  1. Negatively – The Christian prevents putrefaction just as salt preserves the meat. Like an antiseptic.

  2. Positively – Salt is a great additive to the meat to give it a desirable taste.

  1. The Church is not boring but satisfying

  1. The praise of God

  2. The eating of God’s Word

  1. When Christians do not use their salt

  1. Arguing about the wrong things (Politics, social reform etc.)

  2. Mixing the church with the nation – Matt. 28:18-20; Eph. 4:11-13

  1. The Christian acts as salt on an individual basis (home, workplace or government)

  1. Salt makes one thirsty – John 7:37-38; Col.

  2. Salt changes society for revival and reformation

  3. Finally – a little salt can affect a great mass of people and permeate every fabric of society. The danger for all of us is when salt becomes tasteless. Illustrated – The ovens of Jesus’ day (William Barclay)

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