Matthew 5:7

Receiving Mercy


Our Lord now gives us another building block in the character of the Christian. Mercy comes out of the veins of the believer because he has received Mercy. In a very real sense what we are to others, God will be to us. We are blessed not merely in merciful acts but by being merciful in disposition. C.H. Spurgeon puts it, “Followers of Jesus must be men of mercy; for they have found mercy, and mercy has found them.” The greatest act of mercy came to us from God the Father sending us His only begotten Son. Eph. 2:4-7

  1. Mercy Distinguished From Grace

  1. Controlled by the Spirit – Eph. 5:18; 4:30;

  1. Christ lives in me – Gal. 2:20

  2. A new life and creation – II Cor. 5:17

  1. Defining Mercy

  1. Grace - God dealing with us in our sins – I Tim. 1:2

  2. Mercy - God dealing with us in the consequence of our sins. “to be pitied”

  1. Mercy Illustrated – Turn To: Luke 10:30-37

  1. There are those who show no mercy or pity – v. 31,32

  2. There are certain people who show mercy –v.33

  3. The parable is primarily about Jesus’ compassion for us – Heb. 2:17,18; 3:2; Psa. 100:5; 103:17

  1. Mercy Misunderstood

  1. Mercy cannot be earned – Matthew 18:23-35 Parable of the unjust servant

  1. The unjust servant is forgiven enormous debt.

  2. The unjust servant does not forgive his debtor.

  1. Be Careful about your Interpretation:

  1. This parable is not teaching that God forgives me because I forgive others.

  2. To interpret the parable this way is to distort the whole meaning of grace – Eph. 2:8,9; Rom. 5:6-11

  3. What our Lord is really saying is when I’m truly repentant I’m truly forgiven, and of necessity I shall forgive those who trespass against me.

  1. The way we view the unregenerate:

  1. We now pity them in their slavery to Satan and sin.

  2. We now realize this is how we were without God’s mercy and grace.

  3. Jesus had forgiven the cruel soldiers who nailed him to the cross – Luke 23:34

  4. Stephen as he was being stoned to death prayed that His heavenly Father would not hold this sin against them. – Acts 7:60

  1. Mercy and Its Reward

  1. Mercy granted to us in the last day

  1. Epaphroditus – Phil 2:25-30

  2. Onesiphorus – II Tim. 1:16-18


  1. If you are not a believer in Christ, then I plead with you to call out to the Lord for His Mercy. –

I Pet.1:3

  1. If you are a believer in Christ then your whole attitude and demeanor is one who pities the lost and forgives their slanderous remarks, forgives their debt. Why? Because Our Great King has forgiven us of the enormous debt of our sin.

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