Philippians 3:1-8

Our Balance Sheet


The apostle Paul in this context desires to refute the Judaizers who believe there is saving value in human achievements. Paul was a great debater, besides a great preacher. He states for the sake of argument, if anybody has reason to have “confidence in the flesh” or confidence in religious achievement, it is I, Paul. He credentials are a long list surpassing any Jew he might compete with. If there must be boasting in what one has accomplished, I would be in first place by a long shot. II Cor. 11:18-ff.

  1. Beware of Evil Workers v. 1-2

    1. Those who serve well – rejoice – cf. Phil. 2:28-29

    2. Those who disrupt the sheep – “dogs” (savage, wild dogs)

      1. Don’t waste your time teaching wild dogs – Matt. 7:6

      2. False doctrine of circumcision – Turn To: Acts 15:7-11

      3. A true proverb – Prov. 26:11; Psa. 59:6

      4. What is necessary is circumcision of the heart – Rom. 2:28,29

  1. Beware of Human Assets v. 3-8

    1. Looking at Assets and Liabilities

      1. Assets before conversion – register liabilities.

      2. God’s standard is perfection – Matt. 5:48

      3. Man has fallen short of God’s standard – Rom. 3:10-12

    1. Paul’s advantages before conversion:

      1. Inherited assets:

        1. Born in a Jewish family

        2. He was an Israelite

        3. He was of the tribe of Benjamin

      2. Assets earned:

        1. A Pharisee

        2. Zealous

        3. Blameless

    1. Human assets in the sight of God – v.7,8

      1. Not good at all, these gains are really losses. (USA debt)

      2. The sinners debt is enormous and cannot be paid back – I Peter 1:18,19

      3. Jesus alone is the debt payer

      4. How do you know if someone is truly converted? When one acknowledges his net worth is zero. – v. 8; Isa. 64:6


  1. Have you exchanged your assets for Christ? Do you trust in your goodness for salvation? Your goodness will take you to hell. Jesus came to save bad people – Luke 19:10

  2. The only thing that can help your spiritual balance sheet is a credit form God through the righteousness of Jesus Christ. I Cor. 1:30

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