Philippians 2:24-30

Sickness in the Christian’s Life


When we think of sickness and suffering, the life of Job certainly comes to mind. In the midst of Job’s suffering we know this trust in the Lord wavered but it never died. He mourned. He cried. He questioned. He even cursed the day he was born. But we know his great hope was in the Lord. Job hung on, although He cursed himself, rebuked his wife, but he never cursed God. Job desperately cried out to God, why are these terrible things happening to me? When God did answer Job out to the whirlwind it was not the answer Job expected. God refused to give Job a detailed explanation of His reason for the afflictions. Ultimately Job came to see that it was all about the Sovereign God. It was not about a detailed plan for his faith, but about a personal God who is absolutely holy and wise. Job took the acid test of his faith shown in this statement: “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” (Job 13:15) cf. Rom. 5:5)

  1. Christian Titles:

    1. Epaphroditus is given four names:

      1. Brother

      2. Fellow Worker – Mark 1:32-38

      3. Fellow Soldier – Eph. 6:12; II Tim. 2:3

      4. Messenger – (apostle – “sent one”)

  1. Christians Who Become Sick

    1. Sick to the point of death – v.27

    1. False Views About Sickness:

      1. Sickness is the result of actual sin in our lives – I Cor. 11:30; I John 5:16

      2. Sickness is the result of the lack of faith.

      3. Important questions: Why didn’t Paul heal Epaphroditus? (Isa. 53:5) And Why didn’t Paul heal himself – Acts 9:15,16

    1. The Antidote for the believers sickness – Jam. 5:13,14


1. Living for others is a major theme of Philippians. Paul had so many friends that

deserted him. But Timothy and Epaphroditus were left. These two men were in Rome to

help Paul.

  1. What was Paul thinking in those dark days before his execution? It was not about himself or his reputation. It was about the needs of other fellow Christians.

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