Philippians 1:7-11

Fruitful Christians

When God saved us, He did not save us so we might merely escape from judgment and condemnation. God’s purpose in saving us by His grace is so that we might be engaged in good works which, He has instilled in us. (Eph.2:10)

No doubt God saved us from His wrath and for heaven. We indeed will enjoy God’s presence eternally, but for our present lives we are here to bring praise and glory by bearing much fruit.

  1. The Necessity of Abounding in Love – v.7-10

    1. Paul’s example

      1. Paul prays for all of them – Col. 4:2; Eph.6:18

      2. Paul has “feelings” for them all – v.7

    2. Three essential matters:

      1. That their love might abound in knowledge and discernment – v.9

      2. That they might live free from hypocrisy – v.10

      3. That they might be filled with the fruit of righteousness – v.11

(Electric theory illustration)

    1. Abounding Love:

      1. It is a love based upon knowledge – (Gk. Epignosis)

Turn To: Colossians 1:9, 10, 2:2; 3:10

      1. It is a love based upon discernment – I Cor. 13,

      2. It is a love free from hypocrisy – v.10

(Pottery industry in ancient times)

      1. What is Paul driving at here? Ans. Believers must not cover up their cracks! II Cor. 4:7; Rom. 12:2; I Cor.3:13; I Cor. 11:28 – Oven tested ( I Cor. 16:3; II Cor. 8:8; 22; I Cor. 13:5; Gal. 6:4; Eph. 5:10; I Thess. 2:4; 5:21; I Tim. 3:10; I Pet. 1:7; I John4:1)

  1. The Necessity of God’s Pruning – v.11

    1. We must be fruitful – “fruits of righteousness”

      1. Not to be confused with fruits of the Spirit – Gal. 5:22

    2. Jesus’ parable of the Vine and Branches – Turn To: John 15:1-5

      1. The overarching view of this text is that if we are to produce fruits of righteousness; we must remain in Christ, that is, depend on Him entirely.

      2. Depending entirely on Christ comes through with the word – “remain” or “abide” Note the emphasis

      3. This in no way applies to the unbeliever. (dangling branches v.6)

      4. Now for the believer in Christ he must be pruned – v.2


  1. Have you experienced God pruning you?

  2. The cutting may hurt but God will not kill us. The results are the fruit of righteousness.

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