Philippians 1:6

Persevering Grace


This is one of the most reassuring doctrines in all of Scripture. God will not permit His good work of transforming grace to remain unfinished. What God starts He finishes. This is evident in the work of creation. Gen. 2:2, 3

In the life of the Philippian believers, Paul reassures them what is true in the work of creation is also true in the work of redemption. William Hendriksen puts it, “It is a chain that will never be broken – Rom. 8:29,30, a love from which we shall never be separated – Rom. 8:39, a calling that will never be revoked – Rom. 11:39, a foundation that will never be destroyed – II Tim. 2:19, an inheritance that will never fade out – I Pet. 1:4,5”

  1. God Saves Entirely

    1. Biblical fact that God never abandons His Plan

      1. Paul is confident by the Holy Spirit

      2. Paul is confident in the Divine Initiative

      3. The Psalmist is confident in the Lord’s purpose – Psa. 138:8

      4. The Prophet Jeremiah’s confident in God’s everlasting love – Jer. 31:3

    2. Images that describes our Perseverance:

      1. We are compared to trees like unto the great cedars of Lebanon – Psa. 92:12-14

      2. We are like a green pine tree that does not lose its leaves – Psa. 1:3

      3. We are compared to a man who builds his house on a rock – Matt. 7:24

    3. Biblical texts that reinforce our Perseverance:

      1. The nature of a sheep – John10:27-28

      2. The golden chain – Rom. 8:38-39

      3. Bleak circumstances – II Cor. 4:8-9,14

    4. Those who reject this doctrine

      1. No one seeks the Lord – Rom. 3:10,11

      2. Any work added to grace nullifies grace – Rom. 11:6

      3. The conversion of C.S. Lewis in 1929

  2. God’s Way of Saving Us

    1. God saves Sovereignly – Phil. 2:13

      1. Why does God saves us this way? Ans. In order that He might receive all the glory and that we might not boast – Eph. 2:8,9; Rom. 4:2; I Cor. 1:29,31; II Cor. 11:30; II Cor. 12:5, 9; Gal. 6:14

  3. God’s Purpose in Saving us

    1. To Carry out His Good Work - Rom. 8;29

    2. Sanctification

      1. Often misunderstood…

      2. It means discovering how sinful we really are (Dr. Barnhouse puts it, “There is no Christian listening to my voice who will think as well of himself five years from now as he does this morning” Lloyd Jones – “No one really knows the weight of sin like the Christian”

      3. Illustration of climbing a telephone pole…


  1. Climb to the stature of Christ – Eph. 4:13

  2. Don’t quit climbing. God will not let you quit.

  3. God has chosen us from the beginning and saved us in Christ securing our Justification and Sanctification.

Pastor Nick Iamaio

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