Philippians 1:1-11

Introducing Philippians


The book of Philippians has as its theme Joy! It permeates the entire book. Lenski calls it, “the music that runs through the epistle, and the sunshine that spreads over all of it.” The Philippian church was the first church Paul founded in Europe. The city was known for its occupation of Roman troops and some significant battles against the enemy. It was also known for its gold mines in the near by mountains which attracted a great influx of people. The Date and Place was written by Paul around 61 AD from a Roman prison. Paul also wrote Colossians, Ephesians and Philemon from prison around the same time. William Hendriksen gives three good reasons for studying or preaching from this book:

  1. It reveals the secret of true happiness.

  2. It reveals a man who had learned the secret.

  3. It reveals the Christ who taught him the secret.

  1. The Book of Joy

    1. The emphasis of joy – (16 times joy or rejoice)

      1. Joy beyond circumstances

      2. Joy not contingent upon circumstances

    1. Paul’s soul and mind were filled with peace and joy.

      1. Paul’s summary text of his life – Phil. 1:21

      2. Paul’s great ambition – Phil. 3:10

      3. Paul’s attitude of contentment – Phil. 4:11

      4. Paul’s positive outlook on life when facing opposition and weakness – Phil. 4:13

      5. Paul’s confidence about survival – Phil. 4:19

    1. Paul’s Secret

      1. Onesiphorous – II Tim.1:16,17

      2. Paul kept his mind filled with Christ – Phil. 3:8

      3. We all need to learn Paul’s secret – Phil. 4:12

      4. Paul had the right attitude – Phil. 2:5

  1. The Goal of the Christian Life

    1. To think like Christ

      1. Doctrinal book – Phil. 2:6-8 Turn & Read

      2. Christ laid aside His power and honor – (Ill. The five monkey’s)

      3. Christ’s struggle with temptation and Gethsemane – Mark 14:32-36 cf. 2:5

    1. The center of existence – (Science – Copernicus & Newton)

      1. The unregenerate see themselves as the center of existence.

      2. The Christians must see Christ as the center of existence – Psa. 100:3; Phil. 2:5

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