III John 1:1-8

Supporting Gospel Preachers


This short letter of John the Apostle written to Gaius, a spiritual leader in the church, under the oversight of the eldership of John, has very direct message regarding the truth. The truth of Christ is everything to John. With great emphases he instills in Gaius the need to imitate the truth. The Lord Jesus Christ is the very embodiment of the truth. It is impossible for Him to lie. Jesus is “the way the truth and the life” (John 14:6)

At this time John is an old man who has experienced throughout his ministry much blessing along with much adversity. John’s great ambition is that the truth of the gospel ministry will continue on long after he is dead. The legacy of John will prevail in the life of the church by supporting the gospel ministry and all those who preach and teach the good news of God’s grace.

  1. John Commends Gaius – v. 1-5

    1. Fellow Worker

      1. Love follows truth – v. 1

      2. Love is based upon truth – “I love in truth”

      3. Love is incompatible without the truth – Matt. 23:33

    1. The Preeminence of Truth

      1. Love in truth, witness to the truth, walk in the truth, support the truth – v.1,2,4,8,12

      2. Truth is in the forefront of John’s mind – 28 times in the Gospels, 16 times in John’s epistles, and 10 times in Revelation

    1. The Church is supported by Truth - I Tim. 3:15; Eph. 2:20

      1. Roman Catholicism puts the Church as the foundation for truth.

      2. Paul puts Truth as the foundation of the church.

    2. Good Health – v.2

    3. Hospitality – v. 3,5

      1. The Pastor’s great joy comes when his congregation walks in truth – v.4; I Thess. 2:11

      2. No Pastor enjoys trouble and grief – Heb. 13:17

  1. John ‘s Counsels Gaius – v.6-8

    1. Exhortation to continue generous love – v.6; Titus 3:13

      1. High standards for hospitality – Rom. 12:13; I Pet. 4:9

    1. Three reasons for supporting faithful servants:

      1. Their work is God’s work – v.7; Col. 3:17; Phil. 2:10 (Col. 3:17; II Thess. 1:12; II Thess. 3:6; I John 3:23)

2. If Christians do not support them no one will – v. 7b. cf. Turn To:

I Tim. 5:17-19

  1. By supporting these preachers of the gospel we become fellow workers with the truth – v.8 cf. II John 10-11; Matt. 10:41

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