I John 5:18-21

Three Persevering Affirmations:


One of the assuring doctrines of the Christian faith is the fact that we are kept by the persevering grace of God. He is the keeper of our souls and life. Psalm 121:5 “The Lord is your keeper.” John Calvin rightly states, “for were any one of us the keeper of his own salvation, it would be a miserable protection.” It is the intercessory prayer of Christ to His Father on our behalf that keeps us forever more. John 17:11 “Holy Father keep them in Thy name, the name which Thou hast given Me, that they may be one, even as we are.”

The Aaronic blessing in Numbers 6:24-26 which is so often used as a benediction given to the congregation. The Lord commanded Moses to speak to Aaron to bless the people of God.

  1. First Affirmation – v.18

    1. The Christian does not practice sin – 3:9

      1. Sin” is written in the present tense.

      2. The Christian has the very nature of God

    2. Our Confidence – v.18b.

      1. The evil one’s power is limited – Job 1

      2. Satan’s argument and Satan proved wrong – Job 1:21

  1. Second Affirmation – v. 19

    1. Christians are children of God

      1. know” meaning no doubts – 38 times in this epistle

      2. John’s purpose is to instill confidence in the Christian

    2. If you are not a Christian, You are in grave danger

      1. Satan has his own children – John 8:44

      2. Jesus puts people only in two categories

  1. Third Affirmation – v.20

    1. Jesus is God

      1. Jesus reveals the true identity of God – John 1:18

      2. Jesus has the exact same nature as God

    2. John’s popular word – “true”

      1. True meaning authentic or genuine (art)

      2. Examples of the use of “true”:

  1. True worshipers – John 4:23

  2. True bread – John 6:32

  3. True Vine – John 15:1

  4. True Light – John 8:12; I John 2: 8-10

    1. The Deity of Christ

      1. Christ is the exact representation of God Himself – Col. 2:9; Heb. 1:3

      2. All other gods are false - v.21


  1. Jesus holds the keys of life and death – Rev. 1:18; John 6:40

  1. Jesus is the initiator of eternal life – John 10:27,28

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