I John 5:1-5

Overcoming the World


The whole world is at war and always has been and always will be. The true victors are those who are in Christ. The Christian Church overcomes the world in all of its attacks and assaults. Matthew Henry puts it, “The apostle concludes that it is the real Christian that is the true conqueror of the world. It is the world that lies in our way to heaven and the great impediment to our entrance there.” The apostle Paul put our conflict in war with the proper perspective – Rom. 8:37-39

  1. Origin of Faith – v.1,4

    1. Choosing God or does God choose us?

      1. The importance of the Greek verbs – “believes” (present tense) and “born” (perfect tense)

      2. Men must be alive or born before they can believe

    2. Children of God

      1. The initiative in begetting spiritual children is entirely of God – I John 3:1-3 “Born of God” used eight times (I John 3:9; 4:7; 5:1,4,18) cf. Jam. 1:18; John 1:12,13

      2. The means God uses is the word of truth, which is the Scriptures of the gospel which is the good news of God’s Grace I Pet. 1:2

  1. Love for God’s People –v.2

    1. The born of God person exhibits some of the characteristics of the One engendering him – v.2

    2. Fruit of Saving – Love v.1b.

      1. Those who love the parent inevitably loves the child – (Joel Beeke)

  1. Obedience to the Word

    1. Love cannot be divorced from obeying God’s commands – I John 3:18

    2. Not Burdensome

      1. John remembers what Jesus taught concerning the commands of the Scribes and Pharisees –Matt. 23:4; cf. Matt. 11:29-30

      2. John writes to new Christians who have new life now and find God’s commands desirable.

    3. Faith – v.4b. (“overcomes” Gk. “Victor” or “Conqueror”

      1. The Christian overcomes by faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God v.5

      2. The Christian overcomes by faithfulness – v.4-5

    4. The Seven Churches in Revelation overcome the world and Satan which brought them reward – Rev. 2&3

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