I John 3:4-10

Born of God


Today we hear people say, “That person is a born again Christian.” This statement is entirely inaccurate because there isn’t any other kind of Christians. You cannot be a Christian who is not born again. John uses this term “born again” in his gospel as he records Jesus’ words to Nicodemus, “Jesus answered and said to him, Truly, truly, I say to you unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. “The term actually has a two fold meaning: First, It means born anew, suggesting as Paul says, “A new creature or creation.” (II Cor. 5:17) Second, it means “born from above,” suggesting the location where the birth took place. Your birth certificate has been registered in heaven. It is out of this world! Phil. 3:20

  1. Sin Incompatible with the Law of God

    1. Contrastive statements

      1. Sin with righteousness – v.4-7

      2. The origin of sin and the devil with the work of Christ defeating the devil – v. 8-10

    2. Defining Sin

      1. Transgression against the Law of God and rebellion against God – John 3:20; Rom. 8:7; Jam. 2:10

      2. Before the Law sin existed – Rom. 5:13; Isa. 53:6; Heb. 3:13

    3. Sin’s Origin – v.8a

      1. There is a fundamental connection between sin and devil

      2. Sin was excused by the Gnostics

    4. The Work of Christ – v.5,8b

      1. Christ came to take away the sins of His people – I John 2:2; Job 14:17; Micah 7:19; Psalm 103:12; II Cor. 5:21

        1. Dear Unbeliever – Matt. 11:28-30

        2. Dear Christian – I Pet. 5:7

      2. Christ came to destroy the works of the devil – v.8

John 12:31, 32; I John 4:4; Col. 1:13

  1. Sin Incompatible with the New Birth

    1. We must not sin –v.6 Various interpretations

      1. Roman Catholic theology – (mortal and Venial sin)

      2. Old and New Nature – The new nature does not sin – II Pet. 1:4

      3. Holiness movement – Perfect sanctification

      4. Deliberate sin

      5. Adequate Interpretation – Christians cannot commit lasting or habitual sin. ( KJV, NASV, ESA)

    2. Why cannot the Christian persist in sin?

Ans. Because those who belong to God have God’s seed –v.9

What exactly is that seed? (I Pet. 1:23)

Ans. The nature of God v.7, 10


An appeal to righteousness. 7, 10

  1. John makes this appeal because the Christian has the capacity to live a righteous life.

  2. John does not make this appeal to the unregenerate or the unconverted. They do not have the nature of God but have the nature of the devil.

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