Acts 28:17-31

The Conclusion of Acts


As we come to the close of Luke’s historical record of the church we are left somewhat hanging wondering what comes next? We do see the Apostle Paul preaching the Kingdom of God and teaching Christology with openness and with a great deal of freedom. “Openness and unhindered” Luke’s open-endedness is done quite deliberately because the work of the church is unfinished. Our task in obedience to Christ is to proclaim the gospel until the Lord returns at the end of the age. Luke is teaching us of the need to remain faithful. Faithfulness may be defined in one sense when people will not listen to the gospel we are not deterred. Faithfulness may also be defined as proclaiming Jesus Christ as the only Savior.

  1. The Gospel Never Returns Void

    1. Without hindrance

      1. Seasons of blessedness

      2. Hostility and Indifference

    2. The Gospel will not return void – Isa. 55:11

  1. The Gospel’s Electing Grace

    1. Opportunity

      1. What do you believe? I Pet. 3:15

      2. No Apostle or Christian Leader appeared in Rome yet –Rom. 1:5,6

    2. Jewish Unbelief – Did Jewish unbelief show that God was being unfaithful to the promises He made to the Jewish Nation?

      1. Paul emphasizes Rom. 9:16-18 that no one is saved apart from the elective grace of God.

      2. The rejection of the Messiah by a large portion of Israel had been prophesied in the Old Testament – Rom. 9:19-29

      3. Although it has been prophesied that the majority of the Jewish nation will reject the Messiah, nevertheless it remains the unbelievers fault because they persued salvation based on their own righteousness – Rom. 10:3

      4. Although most of the Jews were rejecting Jesus not all were doing so, namely Paul – Rom.11:1; Acts 28:24

      5. Although God is moving primarily among the Gentiles in this age, this in reality is for Israel’s good which will provoke the Jews to jealously- Rom. 11:11

      6. In the end at the close of the age a great mass of Jewish people will be saved – Turn To: Romans 11:22-32

  1. The Gospel’s Results Are The Same

    1. The Message is unchanging (Getting the Gospel Right)

Three major points: (When a Church is not a Church)

1. Preaching the Gospel

  1. The proper administration of the sacraments – (Baptism, Lord’s Supper)

  2. The presence of Church discipline

    1. The Results of preaching the Gospel are essentially the same – I Cor. 1:18

    2. The Expansion of the Gospel and the establishment of Christ’s church has not been altered. ( Psa. 116:15; Matt. 24:14)

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