Acts 21:27-22:22

Our Apologetic


The book, “Reason to Believe” by RC Sproul is a response to common objections to Christianity. It gives some basic ways to defend the Christian faith. Example the chapter on “all religions are good, It doesn’t matter what you believe,” this is a typical response when we witness the gospel. The point of the chapter is that all religions are not the same.

  1. Paul Facing Hostile Jews – 21:27-40

    1. Paul’s error in appeasing the Jews

      1. Involving himself in a Nazarite vow for the sake of purification – I John 1:9

      2. Involving himself in a ceremonial sacrifice – Heb. 9:11,12; Gal. 5:1,2

    2. The Jews accused Paul of bringing Trophimus into the temple.

    3. Paul Spoke Greek Language – v.37 cf. Acts 23:25-30

  1. Paul’s Formal Defense – 22:1-22

    1. Apologetics – (Gk. Apologia)

      1. Word Usage: Phil. 1:7,16; II Tim. 4:16; I Pet. 3:15

    2. Paul’s Conversion Experience:

      1. Paul’s past life in Judaism – v.1-5 ( Rom. 9:4-5; Phil. 3:4-6; Rom. 10:3-4)

      2. Paul’s revelation of Jesus Christ – v. 6-16 (Turn To: Gal. 1:10-24)

      3. Paul’s Commission to the Gentiles – v.17-21

    3. Jews disturbed about the reference to Gentiles:

      1. The Jews were objecting that Gentiles could be saved without the adhering to the Law of Moses.

      2. Paul sharply disagreed that both Jews and Gentiles can only be saved God’s way through Jesus alone. (16th century Reformation)

    4. What do we say when the world says, “that’s your opinion?”


Our witness as Christians:

  1. It should be personal, yet Christ centered – 22:10

  2. It should be sensitive and tactful.

  3. It should be one of perseverance. ( 22:18)

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