Acts 19: 21-41

Gospel Interference


At this point in the book of Acts we have seen how the church thrives through trouble and persecution. A paradoxical truth to say the least however the Lord of the church has called us to be salt and light in the world as we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to be His witnesses. Salt stings deeply as it is rubbed in the wounds and light reveals the evil deeds of darkness, therefore no wonder that so many are hostile to the gospel. But those hearts that the Holy Spirit has prepared are made willing in the day of His power. (Matt. 5:13-14; Psalm 110:3)

  1. The Causes of Riot

    1. Paul led by the Holy Spirit – v. 21, (Acts 18:18-21; Luke 1:47; Acts 17:16)

And the Holy Spirit today leads Christians by principles of God’s Word.

      1. Christians are to be discerning – Deut. 29:29

      2. Christians are to walk by faith – II Cor. 5:7

    1. The Way:

      1. Used three times – Acts 9;2; 19:9,23

      2. Christianity is exclusive – John 14:6; Matt. 7:13

    2. Opposition:

      1. For Paul it meant opportunity – I Cor. 16:8,9

    3. Demetrius’ Speech:

      1. He knew that if enough people become Christians the silversmith trade was to go into deep recession. (economics) v.25

      2. He also gave a pious reason for outrage against the gospel – v.27

    4. Historical Facts:

      1. True reforms in Ephesus came by the power of the gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit.

      2. Within the 300 years of Christianity in that region idolatry such as Artemis virtually disappeared – Psalm. 119:30

      3. The philosophy of the gospel greatly affects the economy.

  1. The Characteristics of Riot

    1. The defense of Artemis – v.27, 28

      1. Filled with confusion – v.32

      2. Filled with rage and frenzy – v.34

    2. Similar cases:

      1. at Jerusalem – Acts 7;54

      2. at Philippi – Acts 16:22-23

    3. Hysteria

      1. Is often curtailed by God’s restraining laws – v. 35 (Keddie’s comment)

      2. The magistrates ordained by God – Rom. 13:3,4


  1. If you are here and are not worshipping the true God of the Bible, then you need to repent. This means to change your mind about your false worship. Turn away from idols and turn unto the living and true God. Turn to Jesus Christ who died for all believers. Believem,m. mrt in Him now to save you from your sin, death and hell.

  1. May I challenge you to stand courageous like Paul and his companions in the arena of paganism to teach the gospel of grace…

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