Acts 18:18-28

Gospel Laborers


Abraham Lincoln is said to have asked someone, “If you call the tail of a dog a leg, how many legs does a dog have? Five, of course the man replied. No, said Lincoln as he chuckled, “It still has four legs; calling the tail of a dog a leg doesn’t make it one.”

It’s not enough to be called a Christian; you must actually be a Christian. There’s no such thing as a non-practicing Christian. You need more than a name, a name is not enough.

(Jam. 1:14) Some have said Apollos was Christian, no doubt because he was a gifted man, a greater communicator, mighty in the Scriptures, a scholar of the Old Testament Scriptures fervent in Spirit.

  1. Preaching Accurately – v.18-24

    1. Husband and Wife: (Priscilla and Aquila)

      1. Traveling companions of Paul

      2. Established a church in their house – I Cor. 16:19

    1. Paul’s vow:

      1. Cutting his hair indicated a conclusion of his vow – Acts 21:23-26

      2. Paul became all things to all men – I Cor. 9:20,21

    1. Apollos – Who is he? v.24

      1. An eloquent man

      2. A through knowledge of the Old Testament Scriptures

      3. Instructed in the way of the Lord

      4. He spoke with fervor

      5. He taught accurately the things concerning Jesus – v.25

      6. He spoke boldly

    1. Was Apollos a Christian?

  1. Preaching More Accurately – v.25-28

    1. The responsibility of Preachers – II Tim. 2:15

    2. Priscilla and Aquila’s role in teaching:

      1. The were tactful –v.26 cf. Phile. 1:7-9

      2. They had a true spiritual maturity

      3. Apollos was only acquainted with the baptism of John – v.25

      4. The story of Hugh Latimer (1490-1555)

      5. Apollos had not known the significance of Christ’s death and Resurrection, or the coming of the Holy Spirit.

    1. Apollos later learned these new redemptive truths – I Cor. 3:4-9


      1. There are many different kinds of people needed in the Lord’s work of the gospel - II Cor. 3:9

      1. There is a lack of workers in God’s field. Therefore we need to pray earnestly that the Lord will send more workers to our church. Matt. 9:37,38

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