Acts 15:30-16:10

The Second Missionary Journey


This is the time of the year that families go on vacations, that is, we vacate our present job circumstances and take on a time of relaxation and fun. The Bible gives no direct teaching for vacations. When I think of the Lord Jesus himself, the closest thing he had for vacation was going away to a quiet place to pray and meditate. The apostle Paul and his team of missionaries had no leisure time for vacations. They went back to revisit the churches they had first established. (Now I’m not saying that I’m against vacations, I like them and take them) However from the context of Scripture Peter reminds us to “be ready at all times to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give reason of the hope that lies within us.” (I Pet. 3:15)

  1. Missionary Passion -15:30-41

    1. Disagreement and Lessons to learn:

      1. Spiritual maturity is absolutely essential in those who are to be called to preach the gospel – I Tim. 3:10; Tit. 1:5-9

      2. Disputes among Christians need to be resolved quickly – Acts


    1. Personnel

      1. Mark defection disqualified him – v.38

      2. Mark reinstated later on – II Tim. 4:11; I Pet.5:13

      3. Two teams involved in the mission – Barnabas and Mark and Paul and Silas.

  1. Missionary Precautions – 16:1-5

    1. Timothy’s calling – Turn To: Phil. 2:19-24

      1. Why did Paul have Timothy circumcised?

Ans. Because Paul desired peace and unity in the church –

Acts 15:28-29

      1. Why was Titus not circumcised?

Ans. Because Paul would not give in with the legalist Judaizers – Gal. 2:13; Col.2:11, 12

      1. Timothy did not have to be circumcised – Rom. 14; I Cor. 8-9

Gal. 5:1

  1. Missionary Presentation – 16:6-10

    1. Where do these missionaries go next?

Ans. The Lord would not permit them to go to Asia but to Troas they went-


    1. Application:

      1. God Sovereignly determines where and to whom the gospel should be preached – Rom. 9:15

      2. God revealed the need for preaching the gospel in Macedonia – v.9; II Cor. 9;10


  1. May the Lord grant to us a Passion for reaching the lost with the gospel.

  2. May the Lord send us the right Personnel for the evangelistic work of the church.

  3. May we all be sensitive to the Holy Spirit leading as to where and to whom we should Present the good news of the God’s Grace.

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