Acts 14:19-28

The Tribulation Period


The Christian ministry has its fill of tribulation. There is no easy street for the gospel ministry. Lloyd Ogilvie says, “Discouragements in the Christian life are like splinters in our pride.” Even one little discouragement seems to outweigh any number of substantial encouragements. Setbacks and failures will come but when they do we must not think that the Lord may not be in complete control. In fact it’s sinful to fall into such temptation. “All things do work for the good of those who love God and called according to His purpose.” (Rom. 8:28)

  1. Caring for the Church – v.19-22

    1. Mob of violence – II Cor. 11:25

      1. Paul recalling his tribulations – II Tim. 3:10-12

      2. Pain in the ministry goes with the territory – I Cor. 9:16

    2. Their Goal – v.22

      1. Strengthening the souls of the disciples – (Gr. Episterizo – “to make stronger” Turn To: Acts 20:28-32 (I John 2:14; Col.2;6,7)

      2. Encouraging – James 1:22-25; I Thess. 2:11

    3. Entering the Kingdom of God

      1. The inevitability of tribulation – Matt. 13:20-21

      2. Carrying the cross – Matt. 16:24-25

    4. Leaving former lifestyles – Matthew 19:21-29

      1. The good news of tribulation is it assures us that we are destined for the Kingdom of God.

      2. The good news of tribulation produces in this life spiritual endurance – Jam. 1:34

      3. The good news of tribulation confirms our faith – I Pet. 5:10

  1. Commitment to the Church – v. 23-26

    1. New Leadership – “they appointed elders”

      1. Contrast many churches today – (Gordon Keddie comment)

      2. There is a New Testament basis for Elders and Deacons only –I Tim. 5:17-18; I Tim. 3

    2. The Way the Church Functions:

      1. With commitment – Psalm 37:5

      2. With putting your hands to the plow – Luke 9:2


  1. In the midst of troubles and tribulation the apostles continued to care for the church, commending elders to the Lord – v. 23,26

  1. In the midst of persecution and tribulation the apostles continued to be committed to the church. As a result the Lord opened the “door of faith” v.27

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