Acts 14:1-18

The Gospel’s Repercussions


As we again explore Paul and Barnabas’s missionary journey we see how they consistently preached the gospel in Antioch to the Jews first. When the Jews rejected the gospel they turned more specifically to the Gentiles in Iconium and Lystra where there were various repercussions from the believing Gentiles and unbelieving Jews. Despite opposition Paul and Barnabas maintained boldness, humility and persistence.

  1. The Quality of Boldness

    1. Conversions to Christ do not take place overnight

      1. Luke’s favorite word – “boldly” (Acts 9:27,28; 13:46; 18:26; 19:8)

      2. Iconium located in the Roman Province of Galatia.

      3. All of Grace – v.3

    1. Miracles

      1. Apostolic gifts – II Cor. 12:12

      2. Divided response – v.4

      3. Embittered Jews – Gk. Kakoo – “poison”

    1. Stoning – v.5

      1. An execution for blasphemy

      2. In spite persecution they persisted in preaching the gospel – v.7 (II Cor. 2:15,16)

  1. The Quality of Humility

    1. Another miracle – Our Lord Jesus’ miracles – To turn: John 6:22-40


    1. Paul and Barnabas took corrective measures:

      1. They refused all glory – v. 14-15 cf. Matt. 26:62-65; Rev. 22:8-9

      2. They proclaimed the truth – v. 15-17

      3. They stressed repentance – “turn from these vain things to a living God” (I Thess. 1:9)

    1. The Content of their Preaching:

      1. Only a living self-existent God can create – v.15 Turn To: Psalm 115:1-8

      2. The days of Noah – v.16,17a cf. Rom. 1:19-20

      3. The God of Scripture reveals Himself through creation – v.17

      4. The God of Scripture reveals Himself through providence – v.16 cf. Rom. 1:21-23


The God of Scripture reveals Himself through His Son. Jesus came into the world to die a substitutionary death for all believers. His paid the debts of our sin and satisfied the Justice of God. If you are without a Savior, let me urge you to believe in Him now for the forgiveness of sins and your eternal redemption.

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