Acts 11:1-18

Knowing the Will of God

In this passage before us we will see how Peter the apostle came to know the will of God regarding the Gentiles. Were the Gentiles to be treated as equals with the Jewish believers? We know that Peter repented of the sin of favoritism. He confessed “that God is not one to show partiality” (Acts 10:34)

  1. The Necessity of Prayer

    1. One Church – John 10:16; Eph.2:13-15

      1. Peter’s report about the Gentiles – v.4a

      2. Peter’s orderly delivery – v.4b

    2. How do I know what the will of God is for my life?

      1. George Whitefield – “intimations”

      2. Others – “the Lord told me to do such and such”

    3. Three ways to know the Lord’s will by Donald Grey Barnhouse:

      1. You need to be willing to do the will of God

      2. God speaks through Scripture

      3. You need to look to God on a regular basis – Psa.32:8

  1. The Communication of Revelation

    1. God speaks through Scripture

      1. God never leads contrary to Scripture

      2. God’s teaching on food – Matt 15:11-20

      3. Don’t expect special revelations

    2. Circumstances

      1. There are no accidents in God’s Providences – Rom. 8:28

      2. Do not allow circumstance alone to lead you.

  1. The Confirmation of Witnesses

    1. Two or Three witnesses required – Deut. 19:15

      1. Confirmation of others is a valuable thing when discovering the Lord’s Will. ( Call to the ministry – Ordination)

      2. God is not pleased when we act like Lone Rangers


  1. God’s blessing on Peter’s ministry – 10:24; 11:14

  2. The Holy Spirit Came upon the Gentiles – (Acts 1:8; Rom. 8:26,16; Eph.4:30; I John 2:27)

The Holy Spirit:

    1. Grants power to witness- Acts 1:8

    2. Aids in our prayer life- Rom. 8:26

    3. Assurance of salvation- Rom. 16

    4. Seals us for the day of redemption – Eph. 4:30

    5. Teaches us the Word – I John 2:27

  1. The Gentiles believers were baptized – 10:47-48

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