Acts 9:31-43

Personal Involvement In Ministry


It is a bit surprising to find Luke shifting gears from the Apostle Paul’s conversion back to the Apostle Peter’s ministry. We might expect a continuation of Paul’s ministry after a long time of study and meditation. We actually do not return to Paul’s ministry until we get to Acts 13. We might analyze Acts in two general divisions: Acts 1-12, mostly about Peter’s ministry and Acts 13-28 mostly about Paul’s ministry. Peter primarily concerned with reaching the Jews with the gospel and Paul is primarily concerned for reaching the Gentiles with is gospel.

  1. Peter’s Involvement in Personal Ministry

    1. The Church grew spiritually and numerically

      1. By being built up

      2. By the church fearing the Lord

      3. By the comfort of the Holy Spirit

      4. By the souls of many converted to Christ

    2. The Metaphor of a building

      1. The master-foreman – I Cor. 3:11; Eph.4:11; Rev. 21:14

      2. The keys of the Kingdom – Matt. 16:18,19; I Cor. 5:1-5; Tit.3:10

    3. Miracles

      1. Peter took the time to minister to individuals

      2. Peter healed the paralyzed man

  1. Peter’s Christ-Exalting Ministry

    1. Not promoting ourselves – v.34; Acts 3:6

    2. Miracles Results:

      1. The good news of God’s mercy had spread far and wide for those who lived in Lydda and Sharon

      2. The good news of miraculous healing were not ends in themselves but led to the greater good of conversion – v.35

    3. Turning to the Lord (Gr.epistrepho)

      1. Sins are wiped away – Acts 3:19

      2. At Lystra a certain man born lame – Act 14:15

      3. Jerusalem presbytery meeting – Acts 15:19; Acts 11:21; 26:18,20)

    4. Peter’s Availability – v.36-39

      1. Tabitha’s epitaph – “deeds of kindness and charity’

      2. We are Christ’s workmanship – Eph. 2;10; Col. 1:10

      3. What were the widows’s expecting Peter to do? (Num. 19:11-22; Col.2:16-23)

  1. Peter’s Prayerful Ministry – v.40-41

    1. Authority to raise the dead – Mk. 5:40

      1. Prayer indicates our total dependence upon God – Eph. 3:20

      2. Looking at the heating apparatus – (Charles Spurgeon)

      3. Christ is the resurrection and life – John 11:25

  1. Peter’s Fruitful Ministry – v.43

    1. The good news of Dorcas resurrection spread throughout the region – v. 42

    2. The power of the Word accompanied by the Holy Spirit – I Thess. 1:5; Heb.

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